4 Tips to Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

by Aug 7, 2013


  1. Clean the floor – Vacuum frequently with a HEPA filter vacuum to remove the dust mites, pet hair and other allergens.  By using a HEPA filter, you’ll make sure the pollutants aren’t released back into the air.
  2. Maintain the humidity – Keep the humidity in your home around 30 to 50 percent. Any higher and mold spores and other allergens will grow. Dehumidifying your home (or using Air Conditioning during the summer) can significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality.
  3. Service your HVAC system – If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced recently, have it professionally maintained to guarantee that it’s running at peak performance to reduce indoor pollution. (check out our Specials)
  4. Limit the use of artificial fresheners – Artificial air fresheners are created from petroleum products, which emit gases that accumulate in your home. When possible, use products that don’t contain fresheners or dyes to minimize the indoor air pollution.