5 Reasons to Consider Mini-Split Installation

by May 11, 2023

Looking at ways to stay cool during the summer is always a priority. One way to stay comfortable without using a traditional air conditioner is with a mini-split system. Installing a mini-split air conditioner offers a wide range of benefits, and it’s the perfect solution for keeping residential homes, apartments, and commercial spaces nice and cool at all times.

Here the team from Lawrence Heating and Air has collected some of the main benefits of investing in mini-split installation.

1) Energy-Efficient Choice

One of the advantages of a mini-split system is that it’s an energy-efficient option. Each mini-split unit works separately, as you can keep one running while the rest are turned off. You can also set a different temperature in each room to ensure everyone stays comfortable. Over time, this can result in big savings on your utility bill.

2) Improved Air Quality

Another benefit of mini-split ACs is that they help improve your indoor air quality. These systems don’t rely on ductwork, which means the air doesn’t have to pass through any debris or dust. A mini-split system is great if you suffer from allergies.

3) Easy Installation Process

Mini-split systems are relatively easy to install, as they do not require any ductwork. Installing a mini-split system eliminates the need for invasive construction work, making the installation process faster and more cost-effective. A professional can typically install a mini-split system in just a day or two, depending on your home’s layout.

4) A Variety of Placement Options

Mini-split systems can be placed in a variety of locations in your home. For example, you can hang them on a wall or even suspend them from the ceiling. These small units make it easy to put them in the best location to meet your needs.

5) Less Noise

Dealing with a noisy air conditioner is never a fun experience. However, a mini-split system operates without making as much noise compared to a traditional air conditioner. You can relax and rest easy in your home without having to worry about any noisy interruptions.

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