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At Lawrence Heating and Air, we offer air conditioning services in Philadelphia, Burlington and Montgomery County.

We maintain and install wall mount mini splits, & conventional forced air systems. Quick repairs are never an issue; most parts are kept in stock on our trucks. For our clients, we will remove old window units, supply & install new units. Our Philadelphia A/C installations are made with security and visibility in mind.

Lawrence Heating and Air Works With
All Residential and Light-Commercial Systems

The most common reason for air conditioning equipment failure is lack of maintenance. Equipment that has not been serviced annually can lose up to 20% efficiency compounding every year that it has not been serviced. The result of which is the equipment’s’ inability to compensate for humid weather and a surprise at the end of a warm spell with an outrageous energy bill. Lawrence Heating and Air offers service contracts to properly maintain and extend the life of your equipment and maintain proper function for lower more reasonable electric bills. If you feel this is your case, please contact Lawrence Heating and Air immediately.

Montgomery County air conditioning trends have been changing over the past few years. The climate where we live has been affected by additional humidity, cold spells & heat waves. Air conditioning systems fail due to poor installation, lack of maintenance and improperly sized systems tend to lose their ability to cool or dry a conditioned space.

Our focus is to maintain older systems so that they can remain as efficient as possible and upgrade systems so that they are cost effective and energy efficient. We upgrade in such a way that the money invested in new equipment will level with savings from operating cost within only a few years after installation.

Condensers vs. Heat Pumps

A condenser is the most common form of HVAC in Burlington that you would see behind a neighbor’s house. These are the outdoor components for a traditional residential air conditioning system. They work by circulating & compressing refrigerant through two coils. This process allows the system to absorb heat on the inside coil and remove it to the outside coil.

Heat pumps operate similar to condensers in that they can remove heat inside and take it outside, but they are different because they can also reverse the process. Heat pumps can remove heat from the outside and release it through the indoor coil. This process is useful to people living in climates that experience temperatures between 35*F & 120*F.

Our climate experiences a greater swing in temperatures than ideal for a heat pump alone. Currently in this latitude, we are expected to have an average of 11 to 15 days below freezing each year. For this reason we need an electrical heat strip or fossil fuel furnace to meet the demand for heat economically in an HVAC system in Philadelphia.

Most heat pumps work with and electrical heat strips for back up heat. Electricity is always 100% efficient, but they are not always the most economical due to the price of a kilowatt. Exactly the amount of electricity you put into a heat strip, you get out in a specified amount of BTU’s mathematically. Heat Pumps with heat strips can be very costly to operate in our climate because the amount of BTU’s needed are too great for a unit to maintain in freezing outdoor temperatures.

Lawrence Heating and Air uses a Hybrid System to make the best use for the environment and your wallet. The most environmentally friendly and economically sensible forced air system would be a combination Hybrid System. This uses a highly efficient heat pump with a 95% efficient gas furnace. This method marries the best values of two products, the sustainability of electricity and massive BTUs of fossil fuel heat.

We use a fossil fuel furnace to heat on the coldest days of the year. The other nine months of the year a heat pump is used to maintain temperature and comfort. This saves over the more expensive use of gas in the spring and fall months where only minimal BTUs are needed. This HYBRID system would also be highly effective as an upgrade to an existing air conditioning system operating with an older furnace.

Complete system replacements pay for themselves in utility savings on average within in 5 1/2 seasons