Four Tips for Keeping Your Heater Well-Maintained

by Feb 24, 2023

A heater plays a key role in helping you stay comfortable during the winter months. Staying proactive by keeping your system well-maintained can help increase its efficiency and maximize its lifespan. Reaching out to a company offering professional heater repair in Philadelphia is also a good idea if you ever notice any problems or if you need to schedule routine maintenance.

Here are four tips for keeping your heater well-maintained.

1. Clean and Remove Debris

Dirt and debris can eventually build up on your vents and grates over time. An excess amount of debris doesn’t only impact the quality of your indoor air, but it can also negatively impact the performance of your heater. Regularly cleaning and removing dirt and debris is key to increasing the efficiency of your heating system.

2. Keep Vents Unblocked

Sometimes the vents in your home can become blocked, whether it’s a box, drapes, or any other object. Blocking the vents makes it difficult for air to circulate in your home, which puts more stress on your heater. You may even begin to notice cold spots in your home. Always double-checking to make sure the vents aren’t blocked is key to avoiding these issues.

3. Change Your Filters

Many homeowners make the simple mistake of not switching out their filters on a regular basis. A dirty filter causes your heater to work much harder, and it can eventually result in costly repairs. Staying proactive by replacing your filters every two or three months can help you avoid this situation.

4. Regularly Clean Your Coils

The condenser coils within your heater can often become dirty with grease, dust, and debris. Eventually, this can cause the coil to become clogged and result in your system icing up and shutting down. Reaching out to a professional heating service in Philadelphia for coil cleaning services is a great way to keep your system working efficiently at all times.

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