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Gas & Oil Boilers

Lawrence BoilerMontgomery County Boilers heat water to 180* and then circulate water through radiators in specific locations. Older homes can also have boilers that produce steam. These systems are known for great warmth & even temperatures. They can be fueled by gas or oil. Boilers have come a long way in the past decade. They are now up to 98% efficient in some cases. Oil boilers are boasting up to 86% efficiency ratings.

Boilers in Burlington are great for reliably producing great amounts of heat. They require an annual maintenance and inspection so that you can continue to safely depend on them. Oil and steam systems are especially needy. They can become dangerous and extremely inefficient if not properly maintained. We have a 25 point inspection and maintenance service to guarantee proper function. For boiler services in Philadelphia.


There are several types of furnaces in Montgomery County. The most common furnaces in Burlington are 70% efficient direct vent natural gas forced hot air systems. You would recognize this type by its metal flue pipe. In a response to government restrictions and conservation groups to save the planets natural resources, manufactures made adjustments to their products to increase efficiency.

Condensing furnaces are units that convert natural gas input BTUs to heat BTUs going out at a rate of 90% or greater efficiency. This process absorbs so much heat from the burn it produces condensation in its exhaust.

Heating FurnaceThese can range from 90% to 98% in efficiency. Most older homes operate using at 70% efficiency with direct vent furnaces, these older units are throwing away 30% of its heating capacity up the chimney.

LAWRENCE uses 80% to 95% Furnaces depending on the location and accessibility to equipment. For a new system install or replacement furnace install in Montgomery County we would highly recommend a 95% efficient furnace. This selection will help to quickly replenish the funds that were used on replacement of the old furnace or installation of a less efficient unit in new construction. On older homes with an original chimney we may suggest an 80% due to lack of flue access.

The most environmentally friendly and economically sensible forced air system would be a combination HYBRID system. This uses a highly efficient heat pump with a 95% efficient gas furnace. This method marries the best values of two products the sustainability of electricity and the mass BTU’s of a fossil fuel heat. This HYBRID system would be most effective on an existing 80% efficient furnace with an older air conditioner or none at all.

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Philadelphia System Replacements Pay For Themselves with Utility Savings on Average 5 1/2 Seasons.

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